Guiding women toward a fulfilling life

one joyful step at a time

OPENBLOOM offers in-person and online health and wellness coaching services for women seeking to cultivate a meaningful life, every day.

we can thrive daily.

darling, i am here for you.

Mariane Uehara
Sprouting seeds

Reconnecting with Your Well-being

In this session, you will reconnect with your desire to feel good about yourself and take the first steps to put that desire into practice in a light and positive way.

Together, let’s sprout these seeds that have been waiting to bloom!

Together we bloom


We women, wives, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, aunts, sisters, are taking care of so many people around us. Days go by and we know what we want and need to take care of ourselves, but for lack of support, we end up not putting them into practice.

When you support this group, this group supports you. We are social beings—relationships with others influence self-improvement.

life in bloom

One-On-One Coaching

Care-taking and serving others can feel like our highest duty, and we are often overwhelmed with all the responsibilities. These individual sessions provide the time and space to nurture your well-being and attend to your health and wellness needs and wishes.

You are worth the time and the love to take care of yourself!

Motherhood in bloom

Healthy Mom & Baby

Pregnancy is a unique and very precious time for mom and baby. There are so many changes in our bodies and emotions. So many questions and worries. This service offers practical and straightforward ways to create a healthy prenatal and postnatal lifestyle for you and your baby.

Turn your pregnancy into a healthy beginning!


I’m Mariane.

As a Nationally Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach, I am committed to honoring your unique goals and wellness journey. My extensive training has provided me with a coaching foundation grounded in both research and clinical practice. I am here to listen with empathy, guide with compassion, motivate with respect and offer tools to put healthy thoughts and habits into practice – so that you can keep blooming!